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ILDC Program: DevOps

Since the DevOps approach is the hottest trend in the software industry these days, it is the right time to acquire DevOps skills. Remember, the demand for DevOps Engineers in the industry is at all time high.

DevOps bridges the gap between the software development and IT operations to make them work hand-in-hand, to facilitate speedy and seamless delivery of software products/services leveraging Cloud Services. Get valuable experience to work on cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

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DevOps Offers Following Career Benefits

  • Anyone Can Learn DevOps

  • Fat Paycheck
  • Easy To Get A Job
  • Fast Career Growth
  • Fewer Software Failure
  • Faster Releases
  • Exposure To Various Trending Tools and Technologies
  • Separate Yourself From The Crowd

Eligibility Requirements

To be a DevOps Engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field. Once you have the necessary DevOps skills, you can market yourself to the right companies. Rest assured, you will not only enjoy your job but also get high salary packages for it.


    Course Highlights

    • Introduction of DevOps
    • What is Git?
    • Introduction to AWS
    • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud
    • VPC & Networking
    • Load Balancing & Autoscaling
    • Docker
    • Serverless & Managed Services
    • CI/CD
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    Instructor Lead Sessions2021-03-03T09:31:53+00:00

    Live interaction and regular class room sessions with experts from the industry.

    Practical Sessions2021-03-03T09:41:27+00:00

    Hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced trainers.

    Project Work2021-03-03T09:41:52+00:00

    Go through the different phases in Project Development through real projects with real challenges and deadlines.

    V Learning2021-03-03T09:42:23+00:00

    Directly connect with ILDC training sessions from your location. Enjoy live video sessions with expert faculty for real-time knowledge sharing. Communicate with interactive chat box

    e Learning2021-03-03T09:42:49+00:00

    A common virtual ILDC e-Learning platform to communicate with trainers and other students 24*7

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